Quality requirements for orbital weld seams

It is well known that the requirements of the media systems regarding purity and surface quality in the semiconductor and pharma industry are very high. Materials made of 1.4404 (316L) and 1.4435 are used predominantly.

Weld seams are the most common and safest type of connection. Several different standards try to describe the requirements nevertheless additional company standards or even individual requirements have to be taken in account. Most of these standards contain indications regarding further influencing factors. Special care has to be taken with the preparation of the weld seam, the equipment, the method, the quality of the formation gas, the implementation and of course the qualification of the welder or operator.

Dockweiler offers different qualities of tubes or pipes and related fittings for various applications. With regard to the weld seam no distinction made between the applications but general requirements are considered to qualify the weld seam. These requirements consist mainly of known standards such as DIN 5817 or the ASME code and therefore form a very comprehensive description of the orbital weld quality.


Advantages of Dockweiler weld seams:

  • Simple documentation capability of the welding process due to microprocessor guided welding process
  • Protective gas saves the arc and the weld seam from the influence of oxygen
  • High reproducibility of the welding results
  • Consistent quality of the weld seam since the weld pool is always situated in the same place
  • Tight branches as well as different angles (e.g. 45°) are possible without any problems
  • Low-dead-space branches