Cleanroom manufacturing

Demanding production systems in the semiconductor industry, such as the manufacturing of solar cells or chips, are extremely cost intensive as well as very sensitive regarding particle contamination, temperature changes and humidity.

Dockweiler is able to weld orbital, assemble and pack on 100 m2 surface pure and high-purity components, like manifolds, valve assemblies, distribution systems, transport vessels and other UHP related components. Outer diameter from 6 mm up to 168.3 mm and lengths from up to u 7.30 meters are possible.

The total clean room area is divided into a preparation and packaging space according to the ISO-class 6 (US Fed 1000) as well as an area for orbital welding according to the ISO-class 4 (US Fed 10).



Our R4i-Lateral Concept

A new approach for Semiconductor Installations

The Dockweiler AG and Carten Controls (USA & Ireland) together with Evans Components Inc. (USA) are leading global suppliers for the semiconductor industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other High-Tech industries.

By working together this group continues to manufacture products which fulfill the highest demands on purity and cleanliness. Carten Controls, Dockweiler AG, and Evans Components Inc. have extended their product range under the PYRAMID cooperation by offering prefabricated UHP laterals with diaphragm valves.

The R4i-Lateral (Ready for installation) has been designed to meet all UHP specifications for the semiconductor industry. Prefabricated laterals are entirely manufactured (collaring, welding, testing and packaging) in a Class 10 cleanroom environment. Because of the cooperation with Carten Controls, Dockweiler and Evans Components are able to offer four locations across the globe for fabrication which ensures fast, cost effective delivery of products to site. R4i laterals reduce overall UHP qualification times through improved dry down and reduced particle.

The R4i-Lateral is used for UHP bulk gas piping systems. Prefabricated Laterals are also available for CFOS and other gas systems. Custom lengths and number of valves are available based on the design criteria. Typical spool lengths are 20 to 24 feet with valve spacing to match all equipment hook up needs.


Advantages and benefits at a glance:

  • Patented orbital weld technology
  • Fewer welds (up to 65 %) and lower valve costs (up to 80% in comparison integrated block valves)
  • Total traceability, spools are individually marked
  • Helium leak tested (100%) (1 x 10-9 scc/sec)
  • Material and Test certifications / full documentation
  • SEMI specification (UHP) compliant
  • Pre-assembled, tested and ready for installation (R4i) in controlled Class 10 clean room conditions
  • Reduced overall costs (20 - 30 %)