• As tight as a weld seam

    The new Dockweiler-Connection system ZeroCon® combines all
    advantages of a detachable connection with those of a welded
    connection. […more]


  • What’s bubbling?

    Dockweiler high purity bubblers are an ideal solution for the storage or transport of metal organic compounds. […more]

  • Customised Solutions in Stainless Steel

    Whether manifolds with complex three-dimensional geometries, CIP lances and rings or customised fittings - we will work out a solution for your tube installation. […more]

  • Pure as the Driven Snow

    Dockweiler has started its clean room fabrication for pure and ultra-pure prefarbicated laterals and other components for the semiconductor industry.  […more]

  • Certified ASME BPE products!

    Since the beginning of the year Dockweiler AG is the first and only certified manufacturer of stainless steel tubes and fittings according to the ASME BPE specification in Europe. [More »]



Welcome to Dockweiler Asia

In 2012, Dockweiler Asia Co., Ltd was founded to serve the Asian market even better and faster with high quality stainless steel tubes and fittings.  The sales office in Bangkok and the new central warehouse in Khao Yoi (southwest of Bangkok) were opened in 2013.

In close cooperation with our German parent company Dockweiler AG, we have decades of experience as a competent supplier for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries as well as for biotechnology and other high-tech branches.

The foundation of this Asian subsidiary allows us to further improve our support for our valued local customers.  With Dockweiler Asia and more than ten distributors in the region we are now able to offer our customers local technical support and shorter response and delivery times for safe and effective tube installations. So we can contribute to our customers’ success.

Product groups

Valves and Assemblies Containers and Components Prefabrication for Fluids Prefabrication for Gases Tubes Systems for Fluids Tube Systems for Gases Tube connections

Here we are!

Worldwide only manufacturer of tubes and fittings in special materials according to ASME BPE specification!More »


Electropolished corrugated stainless steel hoses for the semiconductor industry and fine chemistry.More »